5 best games for Nintendo Switch

Before the launch of Nintendo Switch market has remained in perplexity: to the start of sales of the console was announced only 2 games. How so? In fact, Nintendo for some reason silent about the rest 16: the day of the start of sales in the online shop eShop was available already 18 games. About the most interesting of them read our material.

Of course, among the 18 games in the eShop is not without its ports of old games with Neo-Geo (also available in the PS Store for the PlayStation 4 at a price of 10 rubles more expensive) and the next edition Shovel Knight (the game is also on Wii U, 3DS, Xbox One, PC, Mac, PS3, PS4, PS Vita). Overall, however, the starting lineup can be considered satisfactory. It is even wider than at the start of sales of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. So, what we played?


Perhaps the most talked about game from the starting line Nintendo Switch. The one where you need to “milk the cow” — and do much more interesting things in the various mini-games, ideal for parties. The essence 1-2-Switch — need to look at the opponent and not on the TV screen (there are only hints — how to play, and results). As it turned out — you can and do not watch it 1-2-Switch will allow even blind people to discover the video games (was a touching story in the news like blind man could play in the 1-2-Switch with my wife).

Mini-game 1-2-Switch perfectly reveal the capabilities of the controllers-Joy-Con attached in the amount of two pieces to a gaming console. These Gascony can either form a “full” controller for regular games that require many buttons, or turn into two miniature analogue of the Wii Remote. Thus, with one set of console you can play together.

1-2-Switch, we can note only two drawbacks: the first is that the game is paid, and costs as much as 3,000 rubles (3500 in the online shop eShop). Perhaps this is the case when it was worth to put along with the console for free, as it was with Wii Sports. For the sake of truth, Wii Sports also sold with all copies of the Wii, but the game complete is a good way to attract audience to the new console and it is strange that Nintendo didn’t use it. Sure, the company does not go bankrupt by giving 1-2-Switch to all console owners. Or to everyone who pre-ordered. Or everyone who bought the Switch in the first week of sales.

The second drawback: to unlock all mini-games 1-2-Switch, you need some time to play in the limited set. It’s very strange: when starting the game we most wanted to “count the balls” — a mini-game that is using unique vibration technology creates the feeling in the controllers of Bouncing balls, which you need to calculate. However, at first this mini-game was unavailable and to unblock it I had to play 5 (or more) rounds in the other mini-games that have interested us less.

Additionally, it should be noted that the 1-2-Switch is completely translated, including voice acting, without which here not to manage.

Graphics: –

Gameplay: 5/5

Management: 5/5

Overall rating: 4/5


Another game of being a two players, unfortunately, is not much. Although here without the Russification of the special problems should not arise. Snipperclips is a puzzle with a very diverse set of tasks. To throw the ball with the hamster in the tube, to form a certain figure, burst balloons and so on. The farther, the harder the challenge and the difficulty, in the first place, is to come up with a solution and ways to solve each puzzle can be several.

Each player controls his character (hard to call), each of which can walk, jump, Crouch and cut pieces from another character. And that’s all you need to solve any puzzles in the game. For example, at the level where you have to burst balloons (spoiler alert) you need from one character to cut something spicy, the other has some sort of hook to grab the balls hanging at the top.

Despite the fact that Snipperclips seems fairly “simple” game, it’s worth noting that for a long time we have not seen such a diverse puzzle. As a rule, modern puzzle games for game consoles and mobile devices upset that is their monotony: even visually beautiful Game, in fact, makes you on every level to do the same. And in The Witness on PS4 under gameplay a La “SIM unlock phone” reason, even a failed ideology. In this sense, Snipperclips much more interesting and does not load unnecessary information.

Graphics: –

Gameplay: 4/5

Control: 4/5

Overall rating: 4/5

Super Bomberman R

For most people, Bomberman — man, blowing up everything around with their bombs — is associated exclusively with the old 8-bit arcade game on NES (“Nes”). However, the various games in the series (with a plot, bosses and other twists) went to 16 and a cue for personal computers and even for last generation consoles.

Super Bomberman R — a modern version, which also has a plot, bosses, however in General the gameplay has changed little. We just blow up the monsters, improve your skills by collecting bonuses and try not to blow up on your own bombs. Super Bomberman R will also appreciate local and online multiplayer for up to 8 people. Yes, up to 8 people in local multiplayer! Of course, if you connect another 6 to the console (ie you need to buy another 3 sets jononov or to your friends brought them along).

Frustrating only graphics: firstly, it is impossible to turn the levels to improve visibility. Secondly, we are sure that in a game like this Switch would be able to demonstrate a stable 60 FPS instead of 30 FPS, but need to blame lazy game developers.

Graphics: 3/5

Gameplay: 4/5

Control: 4/5

Overall rating: 3+/5


This game is exactly what a Remix FAST Racing Neo Wii U, aside from graphics improvements added more tracks and cars, as well as balanced difficulty. RMX FAST is ultrafast racing game on anti-gravity cars, the ideological successor to F-Zero. Yes, F-Zero since WipeOut series FAST RMX shared only the setting — futuristic anti-gravity racing on relatively narrow tracks.

There is also game mode is Hero Mode, repeating the rules of F-Zero: you can spend energy armor on acceleration at any time, and to recharge energy on colored platforms. However, this mode is not the main.

Made by people from the demoscene, the game is FAST RMX looks amazing, takes up less gigabytes memory Switch and runs on a stable 60 FPS even in a local multiplayer mode (up to 4 people). Resolution, as in the last part, dynamic: most games on 1080p, low — 900p (on the Wii U was the maximum resolution 720p).

Basic principle: collect spheres to accelerate (in normal game), on time switch-button in the right phase to get the acceleration from the respective color bars on the track. The orange strip should pass in the orange phase on the blue band in the blue phase.

Manage cars in a variety of ways: “collect” controller of the two, play on one Gonone (you can play together on a single set of console), or enable control via the accelerometer.

Graphics: 5/5

Gameplay: 4/5

Management: 5/5

Overall rating: 5-/5

Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

The most important game Switch for Nintendo, the sequel to one of the most popular game series (third place in the Guinness book of records — after Halo and Call Of Duty) and while the main contender for “game of the year”, according to most gaming media. In short: it’s an action adventure in a fantasy open world: a beautiful tale about how a brave and modest hero saves the Princess and all the Kingdom of Hyrule from a great evil — Ganon. However, in this part of the hero rather help the Princess to cope with the evil.

Zelda: BOTW though is markedly different from the previous parts of the series, is still most accurately conveys the spirit of the original 8-bit game: the seamless open world and feeling of a discoverer. At the same time, it must be noted that BOTW has absorbed all the fashionable trends of the modern game development: gathering resources, survival elements, pumping abilities (more like a typical RPG style than before), free interaction with the NPC, outof-quests — and so on. First, however, you can not only pass all dungeons in any order, but generally they do not take place. It is, however, much more difficult battle with the final boss.

The game begins with the fact that the main hero, link, wakes up after 100 years of sleep and… falls into as it seems at first glance, the empty world of Hyrule. Probably for the first couple hours of the game can be a feeling that the world is empty and lifeless, but as soon as you are able to go from the starting plateau (after completing the introductory story quest), go to some village and, especially, pass at least one storyline dungeon, this feeling will vanish. The game draws in gradually — and it only in plus.

The game world is truly huge. It may seem that there up to the turrets by hand, but after 15-20 minutes walk you will change your mind. Well that could catch a wild horse and tame it. I am glad that unlike Horizon Zero Dawn travel to any point on the map does not necessarily mean a clash with a bunch of monsters. The game is as empty lots, where there is almost nothing living, except plants and fairly densely populated. Just like in real life.

The little things in the game that make it lively and realistic (in spite of the graphics in the style of “toon-shading”) can be listed endlessly: in the rain people run for cover, during a thunderstorm it is better to hide all the metal gear — it can strike lightning (and maybe not hit — as lucky, but better not to risk it), and monster is also a concern. Resting at a bonfire enemies put their weapons and, seeing the Link, the first thing to catch the weapon, but if the link is very close — grab the first thing that came to hand (if by hand there is a lot to get the invisible gemstones from the earth, like in Watch Dogs 2 they will not raise).

A day in the desert it’s hot (you need either a potion of protection from heat or appropriate clothing), and night — cold. Fire helps not only in combat, but it can be used to clear the road — in the game, all the lights that should be lit.

Weapon breaks, and this is probably the main drawback of the gameplay. On the other hand, it motivates you to expand your inventory. By the way, the weapons here are really very different: blunt weapons do not cut trees, and the sharp is more difficult to penetrate the defense, especially if it’s not the axe. But the heavy axes and fight them quickly fails, but due to the large number of strokes per unit of time the swords break down much faster.

Perhaps the only thing we regret playing BOTW — about the epic soundtrack. The Legend Of Zelda series has always been famous for powerful and “victorious warrior” music while moving through the fields of Hyrule, as well as impressive and memorable tracks that are bound to different events. In BOWT the music is still beautiful, but it is reserved for the background, and while wandering around the world we hear only the echoes, which, however, are becoming more powerful as you progress through the game. During boss fights and all I remember a lot of Dark Souls — and not only due to the size and power of the bosses, but due to the similar style of musical themes.

The last thing I want to say — on the chart. Of course, Nintendo Switch is not a PlayStation 4 and even Xbox One if we talk about home gaming consoles (but for the market it does not), so we were not expecting a new Uncharted 4 in visual terms. However, the game has a lot of beautiful effects, and the water, according to our feelings, looks even better than in Horizon Zero Dawn (but only water). And although the game enjoy is not even affected too mountains, we cannot help mentioning that on the Wii U, the previous generation of home consoles, Nintendo, and Switch the game looks the same with the amendment to the resolution (720p on the Wii U, 900p on Switch). Of course, we know that initially BOTW is made for the Wii U, but owners of Switch could, of course, to offer a better schedule, at least “honest” Full-HD. In any case, our estimate for the schedule is based on the capabilities of the console — above the head, as they say, still will not jump. However, of greatly reducing the rating charts we too could not — the visual style needs to “work” for gameplay, and the fact that in many points Breath Of The Wild from native species literally takes your breath away — indeed. In any case, The Last Guardian on the PlayStation 4 were less inhibited and more peace there was, by the standards of BOTW, a tiny corridor and completely uninteresting.

Graphics: 4/5

Gameplay: 5/5

Management: 5/5

Overall rating: 5/5