Resident Evil GameCube Review

There aren’t enough words in the English language to describe how simply outstanding Resident Evil is. If you were ever in doubt that a video game is in any way less of an art form than a film, then you’re about to be assured otherwise. Resident Evil, now exclusive to Nintendo’s ‘Cube, is a re-make of the original, genre-defining horror title. Every part of the game has been painstakingly re-worked and remade to produce one of the most impressive games ever to grace a console.You play the part of either Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine; sent into the outskirts of Racoon City to investigate the loss of contact with the S.T.A.R.S. covert team. On arriving in the forests on the outskirts Chris, Jill and the other members of the rescue team are attacked by dogs and flee to a nearby mansion. On arriving at the mansion things begin to get very creepy indeed.

Graphics: The graphics in Resident Evil are verging on perfect. The characters are amazing details and the backdrops almost seem real. The backgrounds may be pre-rendered but you can’t actually tell, as both characters and background look photo-realistic they blend seamlessly. The locations really have been upgraded from the original, the environments are now bursting with life; flames flicker, shadows quiver, curtains blow, dust can be disturbed and everything looks too fantastic to describe.

Gameplay: Resident Evil has varied gameplay, from exploring to puzzle solving to combat and shooting. Depending on your chosen character, Chris or Jill, the path through the game differs entirely. Each character has various strengths and weaknesses and are able to use different weapons and items. It really is like having two games, and playing the same story from two completely different perspectives is what makes the game so involving.

With a reputation of being famously hard to control Resident Evil, thanks to the ‘Cube controller is now much more a pleasure to play. With the addition of the C-Stick you can now flick it up or down to get your character to perform a 180 degree turn, very useful for escaping the un-dead.

Sound: The sound sets atmosphere and pace perfectly, it appears as though less is really more! A long eerie silence met by slowly loudening music really does make the heart rate increase!

Final Say: The greatest upgrades may just be cosmetic but they change the game entirely. Never before has a Resident Evil game become so involving; and the wealth of detail in the locations mean you want to explore to see every last piece.Another great feature of the update is the game now has a much longer lifespan, two discs, two characters, bonus characters, costume changes, secrets to unlock and the entire game is much longer than the original. Like playing through one of the best Hollywood blockbusters you’ve ever seen, and feeling a part of it the whole way through, Resident Evil cannot be matched! The Resident Evil series truly is at home on the ‘Cube, perfectly suited and here to stay!