RiME on Nintendo Switch

RiME from the beginning it seemed the perfect game for Nintendo Switch. Bright colourful style, the color scheme in the spirit of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and gameplay, including easy platforming and puzzles – all this not only gives the traditional Nintendo games, but also great for playing on the go.

Developer Tequila Works has never concealed that RiME for certain people. For those who want to take in the game world and forget about the problems of real life. For those who don’t want nerves and difficult trials. RiME is a game that can soothe and help to relax before bedtime.

In principle, we have seen a lot of similar games in recent years. Independent developers run the risk of and embody the boldest ideas. Sometimes it leads to success, sometimes to financial ruin. Very often, these games rely on art-style, which helps to feel the game. Instead of text and explanations – the silence and the howl of the wind. Instead of the mini-map and instructions – complete freedom of movement. It’s ambitious, it’s risky – many people may not understand. But the developer has remained true to his vision, and even after many difficulties that caused delays in the release, could bring the case to the end.

The world of RiME retains the charm on any platform.
It is difficult to deny that the visual style of the RiME evokes positive feelings. The blue of the sky, numerous living creatures and mysterious ruins create a certain atmosphere. It is a world that beckons explorers. We don’t know anyone in control of, nor where he was nor what to do. Absolutely everyone is invited to know yourself. But in order to want to move forward, was created a memorable world.

A similar technique was used many times. Usually, these games are either positively or very negatively. Someone calls them “walking simulators”, someone is pretentious. I myself was a skeptic, but sometimes visuals still made me change the attitude to such projects. For example, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, whose amazing style and sound design created enough space to hold my interest to the final.

RiME does the same. Her world was obviously carefully researched. Never think that it is something made in haste. Here everything lives its own life, thereby creating a feeling that we really are in this place. Even when the player is required to go on well-paved route, not being distracted by trivia, there remains the illusion that many things we do not see. This sense of mystery – something that helped RiME to many fans and become one of the most notable games from indie studios this year.

Our protagonist is very reminiscent of the hero of The Last Guardian. As a player, he doesn’t know where he was.
But the world of RiME and its appeal rely on the player’s ability to abstract from reality and believe in a fairy tale. Alas, this is not so easy, when the game seems absolutely does not want to function.

The content of the port on the Nintendo Switch – as complete as possible. Nothing was cut, nothing removed. The game instantly recognized. But you should start to play, as it becomes immediately clear that to leave this world with a head, most likely, will not work. I will lie unless I note that RiME is not working very well. It constantly stutters, slows down and eroded. What’s worse, most of the technical problems at the start, and the further we go, the better it gets. This is due to the fact that the world is gradually reduced to the extent, and the gland becomes easier. But the first impression of the game is spoiled.

You can immediately write off all problems on weak iron console, but it will be funny after it came out of Doom. RiME to Switch sacrificed a lot – textures, lighting, resolution, FPS. The resolution of the game barely made it up to 720p, and most falls somewhere quite so low in the area 526p, if you play in portable mode.

However, all the technical problems that the developer has promised a fix in the near future, should not prevent us to highlight the good that is left in the game.

The gameplay in RiME is very simple and does not require 60 FPS. We play a nameless boy who tries to unravel the mysteries of the island where he shipwrecked. It helps not only sharpness, but a magic Fox. In fact, it’s a mixture of The Last Guardian and Firewatch. Control the game is also reminiscent of the unfinished from Fumito Ueda. I wouldn’t call it great, but it intuitive and easy to learn. Our character runs, rolls, jumps and climbs rocks.

It is impossible to ignore the fact that sometimes RiME just falls apart and refuses to work normally. And all the beauty disappears somewhere.
RiME is not a platformer, but rather a puzzle game. Players are invited to explore a mysterious island and find its many secrets and perhaps recover his memory. It will have to perform simple platforming, but more often to solve puzzles. A lot of them here, and they range from elementary to very sophisticated. Often, the clues have to manipulate light is a very interesting approach.

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RiME is a small game that is easy to understand after only a few minutes after launch. It will not take you much time, but surely will captivate. The finale will definitely make you think, and the game will not be forgotten immediately after passing. On top of that, RiME gameplay is perfect for playing on the go – in the subway, on a plane or just before bedtime. Everything points to the fact that the development was going with the soul, with the result that we got something special. Though not for everyone.

At the moment RiME suffers from technical problems, and it is absolutely on all platforms, regardless of their power. You can be sure that soon will be released a patch that normalizes its work. Yet the version on the Switch seems buggy, released, perhaps too early. But we should not write off from the accounts of RiME. It’s designed to be played on the go, and deserves to be brought to mind.