Spider-Man 2 GameCube Review

Spider-Man 2 was no doubt the biggest movie this summer, so it comes without question that they would make a mediocre game based on the movie right?

Wrong. Spider-Man 2 may be one of the biggest surprises this summer. Based on the movie of the same name, your objective is to save the city of New York from any unruly bad guys. Unlike the first one, the game is now more open-ended, letting you roam the entire city if you like, fighting crooks along the way.

Like I said before, you can go anywhere in the vast city, as it probably takes five minutes to get to Harlem to Battery Park. The only problem is the repetition. Every block looks the same, and if it weren’t for the compass, you’d be lost 90% of the time. However, spinning webs and jumping off buildings is truly a treat. The game is developed by the same people who bring you the Tony Hawk franchise, and it shows. Once using your web becomes commonplace, you’ll be trying to create sick combos and do some pretty daring things, like jump off the Empire State Building. If the object of the game were to roam the city, this game would be a success, but Spiderman has another side to it, the “unfun” side if you will.

What I’m referring to is the fighting and the superhero missions. On a swing from Harlem to Battery Park, it is possible to stop about six crimes, according to my trials, and it will get repetitive. It is too easy to fight criminals, as all it takes is a good swing using your trusty web.

Another shortcoming is the detail. Even though the city is huge, and accurate to real life, the only borough of New York City you can explore is Manhattan, with the exception of Roosevelt Island, Ellis Island, and Liberty Island (all of which are extremely small). Even though I may sound a bit picky, throughout the game I wished that the city was larger. The buildings are all at bit bland and blocky, and the only reason I could identify many of the famous building was due to my knowledge of New York. Aside from Spider Man, all of the other character models are all a bit disappointing, as when they are talking, the lips don’t move, and the voice acting was terrible. Even Toby Maguire seemed apathetic toward his performance. Aside from him, there isn’t any notable voice talent (although I swear that the black lady from Reno 911 voices some of the bystanders).

The sound is mediocre at best. The sound effects are what you’d expect, the voice acting is awful, and the same score is played throughout the entire game, so there really isn’t anything that stands out in the sound department

Graphics are okay. There is rarely any slow down, and the framerate seems to be steady, and for the most part, the game looks nice, but as I stated above, the character and building models could’ve been much better, but overall I’m content.

Despite it’s many shortcomings, it remains to be a very entertaining game and if you were a fan of the first one, you should definitely pick this one up, as it is loads more fun. As for everyone else, if you are interested, rent it first, then decide.