TimeSplitters 2 GameCube Review

Well, its finally here, one of the most anticipated First-Person-Shooters for any next gen console! As most of you may have expected, it was hyped a lot and it came out with a bang! You interested in buying it? Most inquiring FPS fans are, now why don’t you read on and check it out to see if its worth a purchase!

Graphics: The graphics in this game are awesome! Very smooth, the curves on everything, from women to wheels is perfect! The characters are very detailed and comical looking, very cartoonish in some aspects as well. All the characters look intriguing and cool and totally fit the FPS genre provided by this game. The levels are also great looking with huge scale and yet there is still no blemishes or jaggies anywhere throughout!

Gameplay: This is where you’re going to be looking I know, well if you were anticipating this game, then good news. Because this gameplay absolutely kicks ass! It’s great fun whether it be the challenges, one of the 16 different multiplayer modes, or just plain story! I loved the little cutscenes and the great touches added to each story level, and when me and 3 more of my friends got together for some multiplayer, lets just say it completely rocked! I’m blown away by how good the gameplay of this title is, if you want graphics, or if you want gameplay this game is for you!

The controls aren’t even an issue that is really able to be judged in this game, seeing that you can create your own profile on your memory card and specify your own controls for it and keep them like that for you. I personally set it to the same controls as 007: Agent Under Fire so that I could be familiar with the controls. Due to the fact that you can customize the controls completely,, I’m going to give this the 100% that it deserves in this category.

Sound: Another great portion of the game is the great music throughout the levels. Be it pulsing techno beats in a futuristic warzone or chilling aztec-esque music resonating through the halls of a Siberian Base this game is easily one of the best sounding games ever made! All the music is elegant and fits the mood, the character’s voice acting is great and fits their looks most times. The sound effects are very realistic as well, from the bullets ricocheting off the walls to the rattling sound of a mounted gun opening a hail of fire, this game sounds as good as it plays!

Final Say: This is the one you’ve all been waiting for, the Goldeneye-Killer, the one to top Perfect Dark, the first one to beat the next-gen Halo. Yes, folks, we have ourselves a new king of the FPS genre. If you are even remotely wondering whether to get this game or not, here’s the answer, “Yes, go get it now” Stop reading, just look at the score, and run to the store to buy the game as fast as possible!

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